Living up to our name

“Liberation for some is liberation for none” – Reni Eddo-Lodge

Based in what is now known as Saskatoon, the Treaty 6 Justice Collective, the non-profit that operates The Stand, recognizes that we operate on Treaty 6 territory. No project of environmental, social, or economic justice can be pursued or realized on these lands without recognition of and attention to treaty justice. The legacies of colonialism, the deep-rooted racism that permeates our systems and institutions, the ongoing disrespect for Indigenous sovereignty and the lands for which they have cared since time immemorial, and the injustices faced by Indigenous people are intertwined with the lack of economic, social, and environmental justice in our city, our province, and our country. Injustices stemming from the intersections of our capitalist, colonial, misogynist, racist global system in which we are situated require a holistic critique of the system. It is a deceitful system, which divides and stereotypes us, keeping us from challenging the political, economic, social, and environmental norms, from challenging power.

The T6JC maintains a decolonizing political stance, which informs our decisions and actions as well as the community organizing groups and initiatives we support. The work of decolonizing the land, our institutions, and our worldviews is ongoing and relates to complex histories of colonialism and oppression around the world as well as current hegemonic systems that perpetuate inequalities.

Our goal is to build a community hub that fosters the exchange of knowledge, resources, and mutual aid amongst people and groups working towards justice. The interconnectedness of injustices within the system guides us to think boldly about how to work towards treaty justice, honouring the spirit of the treaties, and learning from the people and land in all that we do.