Consensus Decision Making Workshop - Full

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Many of us experience very little control over our lives in the wider world, with decisions being made for us by bosses, politicians, and corporate powers. The rewards this system promises are mostly about mobility within the hierarchy: getting a promotion, buying status by owning different stuff. And we're encouraged to compete with each other and scapegoat whoever is beneath us in the pile, instead of questioning why there isn't enough to go round in the first place.

Using consensus gives us a taste of how things could be done differently. It aims to dismantle all kind of hierarchy, and replace it with shared power. It is based on the values of equality, freedom, co-operation and respect for everyone's needs.

Join us at The Stand for an interactive workshop on the consensus process for group decision making, and learn to radically democratize how you organize!

No Fee: There is no fee for the workshop. Donations are welcome and will go to supporting The Stand Community Organizing Centre.

The workshop will be based on tools created by

Facilitators: Bonnie Heilman & Dave Lyons-Morgan

Dave: In the 1990s, Dave discovered the wonderfully political, supportive, and democratic punk, hardcore, and grind scene. Growing from his involvement in the scene, he helped start a local chapter of Food Not Bombs, and began participating in the myriad campaigns that sprung out of the fertile soil of the U of S Women’s and LGBT centres. Dave was active in the Antiglobalization and anti-war campaigns that flourished in the late 90s and early 2000s. As those movements retreated, and a generation of activists moved onto other projects, Dave began working with his friends in the NDP. After serving on many election campaigns, and as president of his constituency association for many years, Dave has recently returned to his first passion: helping to re-establish a chapter of Food Not Bombs. Dave is currently employed as Unifor’s Special Projects and Campaigns’ Coordinator for Saskatchewan. He is active in Food Not Bombs Saskatoon, Stop The Cuts Saskatoon, and the Saskatoon Zine Project.

Bonnie Heilman is a community developer and facilitator who whole heartedly believes in our collective ability to create a better world. For close to twenty years, she's been working with diverse groups of youth, young adults, and adults who've been doing just that - in their schools, communities, and organizations. For the past four years, she's been helping to establish The Stand Community Organizing Centre, a hub that helps build social movements by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, resources, and mutual support to work towards social, environmental, and economic justice within a decolonizing framework. Bonnie would also like to be a writer when she grows up and is currently studying both how to write and how to grow up.

November 25, 2018 at 1pm - 5pm
The Stand Community Organizing Centre
Bonnie Heilman ·
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