Become a Stand Sustainer

What is a Sustainer Donor?

Sustainer Donors provide regular, monthly donations that:

  • provide a reliable income stream that we can count on from month to month to carry out our work
  • maintain our freedom to speak and act on critical issues, saying what needs to be said without fear of losing funding from government or corporate sponsors

What do sustainer donations pay for?

Our current goal is to raise $1500/month of sustainer donations by the Fall of 2017 so that we can hire a part-time coordinator who will:

  • Help grow The Stand community by organizing events and supporting volunteers
  • Boost our rental income by promoting and managing the space.

With these basic operating costs covered by monthly Sustainer Donors, we will be able to put all of the rental income from meeting and event bookings into:

  • Community Organizing Fund - to support grassroots activist groups with subsidized rentals and small grants to support their work
  • Building Fund - to save for a down payment on a community owned building in the future

What are the perks of becoming a Sustainer Donor?

  • Membership in the Treaty 6 Justice Collective
  • Invitations to community events hosted at The Stand
  • 1 hour of meeting space/month for every $15 (Eg. $45 monthly donation = 3 hours/month)

You'll be able to increase, reduce or suspend your monthly support at any time, by writing us at or reaching us at our main office number, (306) 955-3070.

How do I become a Sustainer Donor?

Just provide us with your information below, and we will follow up with you by phone within 7-10 days.