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Mon, May 01, 2023


7:00 am - 8:30 pm
Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area


Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area
52.102382, -106.788681

Join the Saskatoon City Nature Challenge and be a part of something great!

We are excited to announce a series of upcoming events that we are hosting in the coming months, and we hope that you will join us in celebrating our beautiful natural spaces and the important work that we do to protect them.  Can you help share the news?

First up is the Saskatoon and area City Nature Challenge CNC YXE 2023 event, taking place from April 28th to May 1st, 2023. This is a great opportunity for anyone to participate in a friendly competition to see who can gather the most observations of nature, find the most species, and engage the most people across Saskatoon and Area. Last year’s participants tracked over 1.6 million observations! We are inspired by the potential this event has to encourage people to explore local green spaces and natural habitats, which has added benefits such as developing a record of local wildlife, protecting species at risk or finding invasive species for rapid response on noxioius species. Let’s be the reason nature believes in humanity!  Host an event or come out to the events planned  Support      Press Release         Collaborate

Following the CNC YXE 2023 event, we have the Jane’s Walk festival on May 6th and 7th. During this festival, we will be exploring the rich history of George Genereux Urban Regional Park on one day and Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area on the other day. We will also be connecting these beautiful spaces to the City of Saskatoon’s afforestation initiative and the North American “Green Survival Program,” with a slogan, “It Begins With You.”

Arbor Week is coming up from May 20th to May 28th, 2023, with the slogan “Healthy Trees, Healthy People.” This event will connect Saskatoon with the mixed wood forest within city limits, and we invite you to enjoy a tour and discover exotic and native trees.

Finally, we have Doors Open, Sunday June 25th 12-5:00pm. During this event, we invite you to discover the history and significance of Richard St. Barbe Baker to the City and the heritage of the afforestation area itself for visitors.

Stay tuned for Every Place A story; Historic Places Days with exploration dates set for July 2023, followed by activities during National Forest Week 2023 September 17-23, 2023 “Canada’s Forests: Supporting Biological Diversity.”   Discover more about wildlife supported by the forest habitat in Saskatoon.

We hope that you will join us for these exciting events, and we look forward to seeing you there!


Julia Adamson

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Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas


About the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas:
The Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. non-profit environmental charity dedicated to protecting and enhancing the 132 hectare (326 acre) Richard St Barbe Baker Afforestation Area and 60 hectare (148 acre) George Genereux Urban Regional Park in Saskatoon. We host tours, webinars, plan and facilitate educational events, share the rich heritage of the afforestation areas, engage in environmental restoration initiatives, advocate for nature-based solutions for climate-action, take action on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, encourage environmental guardianship, and work with groups of citizens to assemble an inventory of the natural flora and fauna by connecting with nature through the smart phone app iNaturalist.

Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. a non-profit registered charity 777143876RR0001 and non-profit entity number 102084283.  Did you know? You can receive as much as 53% back through charity tax deductions.


Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc.


Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc.