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Roots Deeper than Whiteness

Roots Deeper Than Whiteness: an Online Course with White Awake


Oct 10 2021 - Nov 21 2021


2:00 pm - 4:30 pm



Building emotional strength & political clarity for collective liberation

Online Course with White Awake Facilitators: Eleanor Hancock and David Dean

“If you don’t know who you are, society will tell you, and then you are lost.” – Emilio Guerrera

In the current historical moment, with multiple crises coming to a head, white people have a pressing need to connect with our basic humanity and separate ourselves from the status-quo-supporting roles we are socialized and manipulated to play.

Roots Deeper than Whiteness is White Awake’s annual foundations course, designed to help white people reject the role we have been groomed to fill and build a healthy sense of self rooted in liberatory knowledge and practice.

Many of our other online courses expand on the three essential themes that are covered in the Roots Deeper curriculum: developing emotional resilience and innate, political wisdom; connecting personal and family stories to a broader historical and political analysis; and familiarization with basic elements of solidarity-based action for positive social change.

This is a good course for white folks at all stages of political development, whether you are new to anti-racism or have years of experience in activism, organizing, and/or working-class politics. It is also a great introduction to White Awake’s work, and can be a powerful curriculum for group engagement.


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