February Updates & Events

Fighting Fascism and Cold Weather Together

Saskatoon is in the news for record-setting cold, but the Polar Vortex isn’t keeping this town’s activists down!

  • Last Friday, in some 30 degrees below, 30 activists from groups like Climate Justice Saskatoon, Next Up, and Stop the Cuts came together for a Creativity Social hosted by the Saskatoon Anti-Fascist Education & Action Committee.   
  • On February 16, Food Not Bombs' Mixer with food, fun, and conversation.
  • On March 24, The Stand is hosting our Annual General Meeting, 12 - 3 pm at The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre

Get in on a gathering to enjoy and help nurture hope and solidarity in Saskatoon. Scroll down for more event listings or click here to visit The Stand’s Community Calendar.


One Year Since the Stanley Verdict

We want to acknowledge that one year has passed since the acquittal of Gerald Stanley in the killing of Colten Boushie. The verdict sent shockwaves across Saskatchewan and around the world. To many, it signalled that the lives of Indigenous people are not valued in the same way as those of the white settler population of Saskatchewan. That the life of Colten Boushie, the son, brother, cousin, and friend of many was disposable. Doug Cuthand sums up well the meaning of the verdict to Indigenous people and their allies in his CBC editorial today. It is clear than in the year since the verdict that conditions have not improved and that there is much to do to address the injustices and divide that remain in our communities. As an organization committed to justice on Treaty 6 territory, it is our job to work for change to these harmful and often lethal dynamics. To stand for a better future for those whose ancestors welcomed us into these lands and agreed to live with us as equal family members, not as subordinates.



Many of us have been following the news of the turmoil and political conflict that has been developing in Venezuela in recent months and years. We know that the people of Venezuela have been suffering from shortages of food and medicine, from rising costs to basic necessities due to inflation and that thousands have fled the country due to the instability. We also have seen forces of multinational resource companies and financiers (with their allies in Western governments) aligning against the Bolivarian social movements and governments first of Hugo Chavez and now Nicholas Maduro. To help make sense of these developments and where we can stand, we have included the following articles that can help you think through the complex situation and guide our action in solidarity with the poor and oppressed of Venezuela and against the predatory interests of global capital who are poised to take advantage of the situation.

Venezuela and the Left

Canada’s Leadership on Venezuela is misguided, misdirected - and a mistake

Corporate Canada behind slow motion coup attempt in Venezuela






We do a lot with very little, but to keep the momentum going, we need to reach $2200/month of sustainer donations.

We're already half way there with 50 sustainer donors contributing between $10 - $50 each!

With another $1000 more per month from 50 more people, we'll reach our goal and be able to:  

  1. Increase The Stand Coordinator position to two days a week to keep The Stand growing strong.
  2. Remain independently funded so that we're not beholden to the agendas of government and corporate funders.
  3. Replenish the Community Organizing Fund that supports grassroots organizing.

To become one of The Stand's Sustainers, please click on this link and choose the option: “Become a Monthly Sustainer of The Stand." Or just let us know by email: organize@thestandcentre.ca.


6 Other Ways to help The Stand grow...

1. Attend our Annual General Meeting: March 24, 12-3 @ The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre

2. Become a member of the Treaty 6 Justice Collective, the nonprofit that manages The Stand.

3. Check out The Stand's Group Memberships for grassroots groups and organizations.

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From everyone at The Stand, thank you for your continued interest and support for social, environmental, and economic justice.

The Board of The Treaty Six Justice Collective




February Events & Campaigns

Next Up Saskatchewan presents...


4-7pm on Sundays, January - April
Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op (905 20th Street West)


Next Up Saskatchewan is holding regular space every Sunday at the Core-Neighbourhood Youth Co-op where leaders from diverse backgrounds can come to learn about justice related issues, develop skills as an organizer, and build relationships with others who are working to bring social, economic, and racial justice in the communities. 
February 10 - "Maquilapolis: City of Factories" (Documentary, Mamas Films, Mexico/US). Meet the women working the SANYO warehouses in Tijuana as they record and reflect on their own lives and efforts in organizing.

February 17 - "Do the Right Thing" (Fiction, Spike Lee, 1988). End of the 80's artistic/political comment on racial tensions set on the hottest day of the year in Brooklyn. Pop-corn provided!

February 24 - "Incident In Oglala" (Documentary, 1992, US) On the death of two FBI agents in 1975 in the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota that resulted in the arrest and conviction of American Indian Movement leader Leonard Peltier.

March 3 - "Black Panthers: The Vanguard of the Revolution" (Documentary, 2015, PBS). Documentary by Stanley Nelson examines the rise of the Black Panther Party in the 1960s and its impact on civil rights and American culture.

For more information, contact Manuela @ manola.valle@gmail.com or visit the Facebook Event Page


Healthcare for Migrants: National Day of Action


4:30 - 5:30 pm Tuesday, February 12
Royal University Hospital, Memorial Gates

The United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) recently issued a landmark decision condemning Canada for denying access to essential health care on the basis of immigration status based on the case of Nell Toussaint. In light of this UN decision, over 1500 individuals and 80 organizations have signed onto an open letter addressed to the federal government, leading to widespread media coverage. You can read the letter at healthcareformigrants.com. The UN has given Canada 180 days to respond to the UN decision which ends in February.

This is a public event open to students, physicians, professionals, as well as caring community members. 

Spread the word, and join us for rallies across Canada on February 12th as the health community calls on the federal government to stop the denial of healthcare on the basis of immigration status!

See all the rallies across the country at: https://www.facebook.com/events/528757717635083/



Food Not Bombs - Saskatoon Presents...


7 - 9 pm Friday, January 4
The Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre (609 Dufferin Avenue, Saskatoon)

Food not bombs is cooking a meal and you can just unwind talk about socialism, music, whatever activism or fun thing that gets into your mind.

Join us see what we're about. We'll also have some sweet swag if you want it. Donations welcome though not at all required.

More info on the Facebook Event Page.



Climate Justice Saskatoon presents...

Bridging the Gap:
Environmental Groups & Coal Producing Communities in Saskatchewan


7pm Tuesday, February 19
Frances Morrison Library
The Federal government’s commitment to phase-out coal across Canada by 2030 has led to polarized conversations, with urban environmental groups in favour of the policy and those in coal-producing communities opposed. Join Climate Justice Saskatoon (CJS) to learn about their experience interviewing people in the coal-producing communities of Estevan and Coronach, and our thoughts about how to move toward a justice-based transition away from fossil fuels in Saskatchewan.

More info on the Facebook Event Page.



Saskatoon Co-op Member, James Mills presents...

Co-operative Principles: Town Hall Meeting

7 - 8:30pm Wednesday, February 20
Rusty Macdonald Library - Auditorium (225 Pinehouse Drive)

This town hall meeting will start with a public discussion of the following Co-operative principles as they relate to our co-operative:

  1. Democratic Member Control
  2. Member Economic Participation
  3. Autonomy and Independence

A workshop on the development of resolutions for a Co-operative’s Annual General Meeting will complete the town hall meeting.

For more information, contact James Mills; jamei@hotmail.ca



Fair Trade Saskatoon presents...

8 - 11pm Friday, February 22
The Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre (609 Dufferin Avenue)

An evening of great music and luscious desserts. Show your love for farmers, producers, and musicians! Join us for live entertainment by Vesti and Friends, fair trade wine and desserts, featuring fair trade, local, and organic ingredients. Free admission.

Suggestion donation: $20

For more information, visit the Facebook event page.


Sum Theatre presents...

The Last Sunday


Last Sunday of the month
733 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon

Back by popular demand! 

On the last Sunday of every month Sum Theatre invites the public to join us at 733 Broadway Ave for a free, one-hour performance experience. It’s as fresh as a show gets as our community’s playwrights, musicians, ranters and celebrity interviewees delve into some of that month’s top news stories and events. 

“It’s theatre of the now,” says artistic director Joel Bernbaum. “Art is more relevant than it has ever been before. It has the power to take people down a new path of understanding the world around them. We believe these performances and the discussions they generate will build a better community.”

How much? It's free!

For more information, visit the Facebook Event Page