Histories of Health, Disease, and Community Action: A Webinar Series

Tune-in on June 25th at 7pm for our next webinar presentation by Emily Kaliel:

Caring and Curing in Isolation: Health in Rural Spaces 


COVID-19 has affected our lives in many ways. And, living through a pandemic has magnified many social, economic, and political issues.

This webinar series looks to historical examples of how disease amplified social, political, and economic tensions as well as citizens’ disillusionment with the status quo. Many people advocated for change during and following health crises. We hope that the historical connections between disease and activism will inspire current fights for change today.

After each presentation we will have time for questions and some discussion about how these historical examples of community organizing might apply to our contemporary situation.

Each webinar will be held via Zoom. Please register to access this virtual event.

June 25, 2020 at 7pm - 8pm
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Rachel Boyle Joshua Kallstrom Johanna Bergerman Dimitry Zakharov Emily Kaliel Erin Gallagher-Cohoon Letitia Johnson Dale Kaliel Cleo Nguyen S Wagner Beth Blakley

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