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As part of the Sask Dispatch, this edition includes “Decarbonized, democratized, decolonized,” a review of The Just Transitions Summit and critique of the NDP’s climate action plan, written by The Stand Coordinator, Bonnie Heilman.

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The Saskatoon Anti-Fascist Education and Action Committee presents…


7 – 9 pm Friday, January 4
The Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre (609 Dufferin Avenue, Saskatoon)

“In her award-winning documentary, director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril joins a new tech-savvy generation of Inuit as they campaign to challenge long-established perceptions of seal hunting. Armed with social media and their own sense of humour and justice, this group is bringing its own voice into the conversation and presenting themselves to the world as a modern people in dire need of a sustainable economy.” – National Film Board of Canada

Join SAFE-AC for this free screening and discussion of how indigenous issues intersect with anti-fascism. Snacks will be provided

More info on the Facebook Event Page.

Next Up Saskatchewan presents…


4-7pm on Sundays, January – April
Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op (905 20th Street West)Next Up Saskatchewan is launching Social Justice Sunday School! It’s about holding regular space every Sunday at the Core-Neighbourhood Youth Co-op where leaders from diverse backgrounds can come to learn about justice related issues, develop skills as an organizer, and build relationships with others who are working to bring social, economic, and racial justice in the communities.  Jan 6th: Come at 4pm for the social mixer and stay for our first training at 5pm! The session will revolve around what it is to be an organizer and and activist. Jan 13th: Film – “Kanehasatake: 270 Years of ResistanceJan 20th: Film – “The Black PanthersJan 27th: Film – “Zapatista

For more information, contact Manuela @ manola.valle@gmail.com

Saskatoon Co-op Member, James Mills presents…

Co-operative Principles: A Town Hall Meeting

12pm – 1pm Thursday, January 10 ANAVETS Downstairs Hall (359 1st Avenue North)

The January 10, 2019 Co-operative Principles Town Hall Meeting will review three of the seven Co-op principles that guide co-operatives world wide, and co-op members attending this town hall will be asked to look at their co-op from the following points of view:

  1. Democratic member control of their co-op – Where all members are equal share holders and no member has greater say in decision making than any other member. In order to maintain this democracy, elected officials must be accountable to the membership. Those members elected as directors must ensure that they and the managers that they hire respect this obligation when managing the co-operative.
  2. Members’ economic participation in their co-op – All members in a co-op have equal shares in the enterprise and have democratic control of the capital of the co-op. A co-op is a third sector enterprise where part of the capital is common property and not speculative capital unequally held by individual members. Capital is the servant of a co-op, not the master.
  3. Autonomy and independence – A co-operative is an autonomous, independent self-help organization whose capital and common property are in the control of its members. All individual co-operatives are autonomous and not subsidiaries or franchises of a larger organization. Co-operatives must ensure that in all financial agreements they make they maintain democratic control by their members.

Co-op members in attendance will also be surveyed on their opinions on the performance of their co-op.

All of the directors of the Saskatoon Co-operative Association Limited have been invited to attend this town hall.

For more information, contact James Mills at jamei@hotmail.ca

The UofS College of Medicine – Social Accountability Division presents…

The Nicaragua Uprising: Updates, Debates, and Voices in Exile

7 – 9pm Thursday, January 17 Room 133 Arts Building, University of Saskatchewan Nicaragua, one of Latin America’s lowest income countries, has experienced dictatorship, revolution, neoliberalism and authoritarian populism all in the space of forty years. In April, university students initiated an uprising against the regime of president Daniel Ortega that seemed to hold the possibility to redefine the country. Streets exploded with support for students after the unexpectedly lethal government response to peaceful protests against social security reforms, and the movement quickly grew into a broad but uneasy alliance.
Despite the opposition and its substantial international support, after months of deepening state repression the restoration of democracy and justice in Nicaragua seems distant. As the struggle rages, activists are forced underground and the number of exiles grows. Meanwhile, debates in North America rage between so-called anti-imperialist Ortega supporters and the critical anti-authoritarian Left. These debates expose troubling contradictions in 21st century internationalism. In this session, long-time Nicaragua solidarity activist-scholar Lori Hanson will offer an update on the struggle, highlighting voices from exiled students and opening a dialogue on what the North American debates reveal about the nature of Left solidarity today. For more information, visit the Facebook event page.

Sum Theatre presents…

The Last Sunday


Last Sunday of the month 733 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon
Back by popular demand! 

On the last Sunday of every month Sum Theatre invites the public to join us at 733 Broadway Ave for a free, one-hour performance experience. It’s as fresh as a show gets as our community’s playwrights, musicians, ranters and celebrity interviewees delve into some of that month’s top news stories and events. 

“It’s theatre of the now,” says artistic director Joel Bernbaum. “Art is more relevant than it has ever been before. It has the power to take people down a new path of understanding the world around them. We believe these performances and the discussions they generate will build a better community.”

How much? It’s free!

For more information, visit the Facebook Event Page

The Saskatchewan Council for International Co-operation presents…

International Development Week & the 2019 Saskatoon Global Citizen Awards

Saskatoon Global Citizen Awards: 7pm Saturday, February 9 Le Relais (103-408 4th Avenue North) International Development Week is a time to connect with each other, to celebrate the inspiring work being done by people in our community, and to create new energy and partnerships for sustainable development. This year, celebrations will offer a chance to recharge and remember that we are all “in it together” – this planet; this community; this work to achieve dignity, justice and peace for all. Join us on February 9 for the Saskatoon Global Citizen Awards as we honour Joanne Blythe and NEST Saskatoon. Hear inspiring stories of Saskatchewan people making a difference as we connect and learn from one another in order to build more peaceful, inclusive communities at home and around the globe.
Galas are FREE and open to the public! Enjoy free appetizers and great company alongside members of our local community.

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