Become a member of The Stand

The Stand Community Organizing Centre is run by Treaty 6 Justice Collective (T6JC), a non-profit, member-supported organization. Membership in T6JC is open to anyone 13 years or older who is committed to actively supporting Treaty 6 Justice Collective’s mission:

to operate The Stand Community Organizing Centre as hub that builds social movements by informing, supporting, and connecting people and groups to work towards social, environmental, and economic justice.

About membership

A T6JC member is any supporter, 13 years of age or older, who supports our mission above, has familiarized themselves with our background, has completed the registration process, and is approved by the Board for membership.

All members are encouraged to contribute to our work by voting on governance matters including elections for the Board, taking action in campaigns, volunteering, and donating as they are able.

Apply to join

Members have significant authority and powers. For that reason, we have a lifetime, revocable membership with a fee of $10 or three volunteer hours.

Memberships are subject to board approval. We’ll inform you ASAP if your membership is accepted! Treaty 6 Justice Collective (T6JC) is committed to an open and inclusive membership, encouraging its supporters to play an active role in support of its mission and its governance.

Choose how you'd like to become a member below:

Pay $10 to become a member

Pay $10 via our secure electronic form, to apply for membership in The Stand.

If for an unlikely reason your membership is rejected, we will refund you the $10.

Paying with Stripe requires a credit card. PayPal also accepts credit cards, but allows you to pay $10 via your PayPal account.

Pay $10 with Stripe Pay $10 with PayPal

Volunteer to become a member

Volunteer to become a member. If you're accepted, it just takes three hours of volunteering. We'll contact you with what you would be interested in doing.

Volunteer 3 hours to become a member

Use a paper form

If you don't want to use an electronic form or just prefer a paper application, print off and fill out a paper version.

If you use the paper version, just drop it off at The Stand in person, or mail to: 615 Main St., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan / Treaty 6 Territory, S7H 0J8.)