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About Individual Membership

The Stand Community Organizing Centre is a non-profit, member-run organization. Membership is open to anyone 13 years or older who is committed to supporting The Stand’s mission (below), has completed the registration process, and is approved by the Board for membership.

Our Mission: The Stand Community Organizing Centre is a hub that helps build movements for social, environmental, and economic justice by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, resources, and mutual support within a decolonizing framework.


All Stand members are encouraged to contribute to our mission. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Vote at Annual General Meetings and Special Members Meetings, including board elections
  • Run for elected board positions
  • Attend board meetings, events, and workshops
  • Join our volunteer database
  • Help out on projects and campaigns led by The Stand and its Member Groups
  • Share and receive information through The Stand’s monthly email newsletter and social media channels

Other perks

  • 10% off purchases and movie rentals at Turning the Tide Bookstore
  • Free access to The Stand’s “business” tier Zoom account with option of pay-per-use add-on features (ie. webinar, breakout rooms) at 50% off Zoom’s regular prices
  • Free access to Canva Pro, a user friendly app for designing posters and graphics for mission related work
  • Access to equipment rentals


$10 or three volunteer hours are the dues for a lifetime, revocable membership.

Apply to join

Members have significant authority and powers. For that reason, membership applications are subject to approval by the board. We’ll inform you within one month if your membership is accepted.

Option 1: Pay $10 to become a member

Pay $10 via our secure electronic form, to apply for membership in The Stand.  Paying with Stripe requires a credit card. PayPal also accepts credit cards, but allows you to pay $10 via your PayPal account.

If for an unlikely reason your membership is rejected, we will refund you the $10.

Option 2: Volunteer to become a member

Volunteer to become a member. If you’re accepted, it just takes three hours of volunteering. We’ll contact you with what you would be interested in doing.