November Updates & Events

                                                  -- Rabbi Rami Shapiro


Following the recent shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, this popular paraphrase of Rabbi Shapiro reflects both the sorrow and commitment to resist giving in to hatred and division that many of us have been grappling with in recent days.

We at The Stand have been watching world events unfold with the same concern as so many members of our community. Issues of climate change, the election of far-right governments in Canada and abroad, and political violence dominate the headlines and leaving many of us feeling overwhelmed.  

As the gravity of injustice intensifies, so does our conviction to organize - building relationships and alternatives that foster hope and bring to life a better vision of the world built on justice and inclusion.

This fall, we continue our work to help build these alternatives by bringing together grassroots groups to better network, share resources, and work together to use our collective power for positive change on social, environmental, and economic justice.

Keep scrolling for just a few highlights. If you like what you see, there are many ways - small and large - that you can help keep The Stand growing. Details are at the end of this email.

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September Updates & Events

Fall is here and we’re back with monthly updates on The Stand and other initiatives for social, environmental, and economic justice.
Scroll through to the bottom for some truly exciting and important events on Climate Justice, including the Just Transitions Symposium in Regina.

But first... Let us tell you what we accomplished at The Stand over the summer!

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June Updates & Events

We've been soaking up Spring newness at The Stand - new members, new groups using the space and equipment, and a new meeting room!


It's a great space for groups of 4 - 8, depending how cozy you like to get, and the base rate is just $10/hour. Message us at [email protected] to book it!

Wishlist: We're looking for a few "new to us" items for the space: collapsable round table (3-5 foot diameter); office desk (3-4 feet wide); portable dishwasher; 2 water pitchers; pulldown projection screen to mount on ceiling; digital projector. Please let us know if you have any of these items to donate.

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May Updates & Events

Happy May Day from everyone at The Stand and the Treaty 6 Justice Collective. Thank you to all those who organized and attended the May Day event tonight! Brush up on your May Day history with this overview from the Industrial Workers of the World. 

New at The Stand this month... Thanks to a generous donation of progressive books from one of our members, we will soon be launching the Radical Lending Library for all of our members! Stay tuned for updates...

In the meantime, scroll on to see what's happening this month...


If you like the looks of what we do and the work we support, join us by becoming a Treaty 6 Justice Collective Member and consider booking our space for your next meeting. Every booking helps us get a little bit close to our vision of purchasing a community owned building to house justice seeking groups and organizations.

If you have information to share about your own events and campaigns, please email [email protected]

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FREE Tickets to The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui


In these strange days when we can hardly believe what we see happening south of our border, our very existence as artists makes a demand of us to frame a response. This will be Persephone’s. Tickets: $15 (3 Nights Only).

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