September 2021 – Introducing The Stand’s Community Activism and Organizing Calendar!

The Stand Community Activism and Organizing Calendar

We are excited to announce that The Stand Community Organizing Centre has launched an online, curated Community Calendar for activism and organizing events in Saskatoon/Treaty 6 Territory, and that we are devoting volunteer resources to its maintenance. The Stand Calendar will include events that people in Saskatoon can reasonably get to, or are online.

An important difference between our Community Calendar and similar initiatives in the past is that we are mostly taking it upon ourselves to add and edit events on the Community Calendar, rather than putting the onus on local groups to submit their events to it. As members of other grassroots organizations, we understand that it is usually already a significant effort to get the word out about your organization’s event over the usual channels— social media, mailing list, website and postering/flyering.

Thus we have selected organizations we think are doing incredibly relevant work in Saskatoon/Treaty 6 and sought permission to post all of their upcoming public events on our Calendar. We want this calendar to be as little work as possible for organizations already shouldering a lot of work under time-sensitive conditions.

Our practice in posting events always involves signal-boosting the organization responsible for them; linking through to the organization’s online presences. We also want to boost events by regularly mailing listings of upcoming events to subscribers of this e-newsletter, and this newsletter is a sample of what you’ll get.

If you use Google Calendar and would like to have community events appear in your Google Calendar, this page shows how to subscribe to our Calendar so events we post can appear in your schedule (Apple / iCalendar format is coming soon).

We will also be putting upcoming events from allied groups in our Stand e-newsletter, so if you are not subscribed, please subscribe and get a list of upcoming activist and organizing events to join and support!

Community Calendar FAQ

  • To ask us to regularly post your public events, please email
  • If you’re with a group whom we’re not presently posting your public events, you can also submit an event for us to post using the add event form.
  • You can also email the complete event info to for us to post. Please include event title, description, date and time, location and address, and cost if any involved, along with your contact information.
  • If your group requires a correction to something we’ve posted (image or text), please let us know at
  • The Stand Community Organizing Centre excludes the following kinds of events from our Community Calendar.
    • No political party events.
    • No business events.
    • Must be an actual event. No listings that are simply the promotion of a group’s existence.
    • No events related to the promotion of extreme, hateful, or exclusionary ideas, including but not limited to, the alt-right.
    • No events related to the promotion of conspiracy theories (e.g. Gamergate, Pizzagate, Qanon, and others).
    • No events related to the promotion of anti-vaccination ideologies or pandemic mis/disinformation.
    • No events organized, sponsored or co-sponsored by groups promoting exclusionary ideas, conspiracy theories, or anti-vaccination ideologies.