Donate to build the Stop the Cuts website

We need your help to build the Stop the Cuts website. This website will act as a central hub for information on the dramatic recent cuts made by the Saskatchewan government, and the fightback efforts required to reverse them. The ultimate purpose of the website is not just informational, but to support agitation, education, and sustained, escalating, effective pressure on the government to reverse their unpopular policies.

The website will cover all the areas affected by the government's austerity program (Health Care, K-12 Education, Nortep/Nortec, Libraries, Education) with a summary of the cuts in each section. Each section will contain a complete repository of resources, events, petitions. The site will also have a tool kit that includes resources for people and groups to start their own campaigns.

We are a group of non-partisan, non-affiliated individuals looking to raise $500 in the next week to get the website designed and off the ground.

$1,090.00 raised
GOAL: $2,000.00
Contributions are not tax deductible.