The Gift of Social Change

Support Social Change - Make a Gift Donation

The holidays can be a tricky time of year for those of us trying to resist consumerism and capitalist exploitation.

This year you can support grassroots activism in Saskatoon, all while finding the perfect gift for family and friends!
Donate in their name and receive a donation certificate to give to them over the holidays.

Big or small – EVERY DONATION will bolster the GRASSROOTS GROUNDSWELL in Saskatoon.

Donation Methods: 

  1. Donate online and receive the Donation Certificate will be emailed within 2 business days for you to print off
  2. Donate in person at Turning the Tide Bookstore and receive a hardcopy donation certificate

It’s a great way to give back and support your community activists and organizers this holiday season! 

Learn more about The Stand’s website or Facebook page and enjoy the holiday season!