Virtual Bottle Drive to purchase PPE for Protests

The Stand fundraising committee is pleased to announce our first Virtual Bottle Drive to purchase PPE for Protests with the support of the Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan. For the month of August, you can visit any SARCAN Drop & Go location to donate your recycling refund to help keep your community safe during Covid19. 

Making a donation is as easy as Sort, Drop & Go! 

  1. Sort your plastic & aluminum recycling into bags at home, and put glass beverage containers into boxes.
  2. Find your nearest SARCAN Drop & Go location.
  3. Follow the instructions on the Drop & Go terminal screen, and type PPE when prompted to enter the group phrase.
  4. The amount of your order will be processed and paid directly to The Stand Community Organizing Centre to buy PPE for Protests.

To download a copy of these instructions along with the complete list of SARCAN locations click here (PDF).

The PPE for Protests initiative connects grassroots organizers with masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and safety information for how to organize protests or rallies during the pandemic. Until a vaccine is found, we are all responsible for helping to limit the spread of the novel Corona Virus in our communities while also making a stand for social justice.

If you are an organizer looking to access PPE and health information for your protest please check out this information sheet here (PDF)

The Stand & The Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan would like to extend a warm thank you to the Saskatoon Inter-agency Response to Covid-19 for providing us with information on best practices for safety as well as Arcana Creative for their help designing the communication tools!